Training & Workshops

I help companies build high performance leaders, inclusive cultures, and compelling stories


High Performance leadership training

I help company leaders and management teams develop high performance mindsets with tools and techniques from over a decade of experience with the best athletes and performers in the world.

Together, we develop your company to its highest potential by creating authentic leaders with athletes' instincts that foster a truly collaborative team culture and enhance bottom line growth.


Empathy& INclusion Training

I help companies build and maintain a culture driven by empathy and inclusion to boost team morale, attract diverse candidates, and drive revenue. Having led a community of 20K+ female entrepreneurs, and 300+ workshops focused on gender parity and diversity, I translate culture into action.

I work with teams of all genders to increase awareness around unconscious biases and provide leaders with tools to create an innovative, inclusive culture.


Communication & MEdia Training

I help company leaders communicate authentic, powerful brand stories.  A brand story communicated correctly has unlimited upside potential to drive audience growth, user acquisition, press coverage, investment dollars, exceptional hires, and bottom line growth. 

Your story is the most valuable tool you have at your disposal, together we hone your voice, tone, and media strategy to attract key stakeholders.

I work with both individuals and companies. For each training, we go through a 3-step process over a 90-day period: 1. Intake/discovery session 2. Individual/group trainings 3. Long term implementation strategy. Together, we will invest in the mindsets and skillsets your company needs to innovate and grow.