Ep 8: Move Past Fear of Failure Into Freedom with Sasha Cohen, Olympic Figure Skater

“Even though it was incredibly difficult with a lot of tears, tough times, and sacrifice, I was happy in the sense that I had utter purpose and clarity.”
— Sasha Cohen

Have you ever considered the way your beliefs impact your life?

Have you ever considered the way your beliefs impact your life?

Most of us have thought about it, but it’s only when we really dissect our perfectionism, our vulnerability, and our perception of ourselves that we can truly understand how the little things impact the big picture.

Today’s guest, Sasha Cohen, former Olympic Figure Skater and National Champion, gets real personal real quick, giving us an authentic look into the intricacies of her life from first skate to last, the struggles navigating the pursuit of a new purpose, all of the way to her present-day life in New York City as an investment manager.

Though once participating in a sport where vulnerability was a weakness, Sasha is nothing short of vulnerable when speaking about refunneling her energy into new projects and redirecting her life after leaving the rigorous daily routine that is associated with being a full-time athlete.

Simply put, honesty is the name of today’s game-- honesty with others, honesty with our peers, and most importantly, honesty with ourselves.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • When Sasha realized that she could go further in life (04:57)

  • The emotions behind physically falling over and over (07:23)

  • What a competitive environment looks like from the inside (14:20)

  • How being harsh on yourself may impact your perception of others (20:34)

  • How appreciating things encourages joy in your life (39:25)

  • Acknowledging your vulnerabilities can help you grow (51:20)

  • How Sasha connected with others through being vulnerable (57:30)

  • Plus much more...

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • What were your dreams as a little girl? (01:58)

  • What was the point you realized you were good at skating? (03:24)

  • Where do you think your expectations come from? (09:56)

  • Are you a perfectionist? (17:33)

  • Do you feel like you have started to learn to be fully present? (26:17)

  • What is your new dream? (31:47)

  • What’s one of the experiences in your past that has shaped who you are today? (49:10)

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