#PresentWithPurpose: Build Your Purpose-Driven Personal Brand in 30 Days

#PresentWithPurpose is the 30-day online coaching program to help social leaders get the recognition they deserve. Learn Lisa’s proprietary training of the 4Ps of Personal Branding (Positioning, Presenting, Packaging, Promoting) to hone your unique voice, message, and medium that establishes the foundation of a personal brand platform that you can leverage to grow your business, gain national media recognition, scale your online presence, and maximize your social and financial impact.

**The next #PresentWithPurpose Program begins Monday August 5th with limited availability. This is a program for entrepreneurs, executives, and creators that want to increase their social thought leadership. We understand everyone leads busy professional lives so all live coaching sessions meet online after work hours and can be done in tandem with the regular work week.

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The 4Ps of Personal Branding

WEEK 1. POSITIONING - Clarify your Unique Personal Brand Proposition & Personal Purpose Statement

Dig into the depth of who you are, what you stand for, your unique value propositions, and take an objective look at the most impactful way you can show up. Work through the 5 Personal Brand Clarity Questions so you can express your proposition clearly and concisely through a refined personal brand purpose statement.

WEEK 2. PRESENTING - Create your Primary & Secondary Audience Avatars, Transformation Roadmap, and Story of Self

This week is an exercise in empathy & storytelling. Remember, at its core purpose-driven personal branding is about leveraging your unique knowledge and experiences to serve others. Dig into the most granular pain points of your audience, define how you will show up and serve them, and the precise message and solution you represent. You’ll leave the week with a clear, strong narrative that forms your “Story of Self" that can be told on stage, shared across your social channels, and leveraged for press.

WEEK 3. PACKAGING - Refine your Personal Brand Presentation Elements & Social Thought Leader Templates

In order to create consistency across your personal brand platforms, we hone your precise tone of voice, your Personal Brand Look & Feel, Social Media Thought Leader Template Types, and understand the implications this will have on attracting your primary and secondary audience avatars. You’ll complete your proprietary Personal Brand Deck that will form the basis of all your future content creation.

WEEK 4. PROMOTING - Finalize your Platform Pillar Content & Amplification Strategy and Take Action!

We take all of the personal brand elements you’ve developed to decide on your Key Pillar Content. Together, we finalize your medium, platform strategy, and content calendar for continuing personal promotion that you’ll be able to execute consistently and at scale.

YOUR RESULTS: By the end of 30 days, you’ll have:

  • Created your exact brand message, values, and value proposition

  • Built a finalized personal brand deck

  • Clarified a shareable personal story

  • Created your pillar content

  • Built a content calendar + execution plan for creating on-brand content at scale and gaining national media attention. 

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Lisa has brought so much to our efforts in particular with our incredible insight and motivational delivery of confidence driving messages which resonate with both women and men. Her unique experiences and her ability to translate these into a call to action in her audience is incredible. She never fails to motivate her audience and encourage them to believe in their ability to deliver beyond all previous expectations!
— Ciara Dilley, VP Transformation Brands, PepsiCo
She’s a great motivator and keynote speaker. She really helps bring actionable insights to presenting yourself in front of key decision makers and investors. Not only does she embody a sense of calm confidence, she does a great job in clearly laying out the Do’s and Don’t’s of important presentations. She’s a great resource for any entrepreneur,
— Michael Hammer, President, Atomic Brand Lab
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Lisa. When I started meeting with Lisa, I was shaky in my presentation and lacking confidence. By the end, I was not only able to stand proud and project with a profound voice, but I was comfortable and confident in my story, my ask, and my plan to go forward. I was particularly impressed by Lisa’s ability to relate to and help overcome even the toughest decisions—effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among mentors/industry professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Any founder/entrepreneur would be lucky to have Lisa as a mentor.
— Founder, CEO at A.Lynn + Director of Production at ZAC Zac Posen