“With entrepreneurship, you need to be okay with always feeling like you could do more.”
— Logan Cohen

Education has always been a driving force for today’s guest, Logan Cohen, CEO of Kudzoo App.

Whether it's educating herself about the complexities of others or encouraging tomorrow’s leaders through her app, Kudzoo, Logan is always pushing herself to grow and encouraging others to grow alongside her.

In today’s episode, Logan reminds us that we not only have to know our strengths, we also have to own them on a daily basis. It’s easier than ever to constantly feel like you’re constantly falling behind, especially when comparing ourselves to others. In these moments, it’s important to notice the fears that are driving us and focus on the ways we can conquer them rather than letting them conquer us. 

In fact, understanding our fears may be the best place to start when it comes to understanding others. Logan is insistent on creating space to listen to others, regardless of their position relevant to her because she knows that she will always learn something new. This is what makes us stronger people. When we listen and understand, we create possibilities. When we create possibilities, we succeed.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Did you always know you were going to become an entrepreneur? (01:31)
  • How did you start blending yourself with being an entrepreneur? Did you ever lose yourself in the company? (04:53)
  • Did you ever feel any pressure to change yourself to fit in with the mold of the typical Silicon Valley founder? (09:45)
  • Talk about being “your own worst enemy,” can you share some of your internal dialogue to overcome this? (17:03)
  • Are there any fears that are driving you? (28:58)
  • What are the challenges of being an ambitious woman who is “crushing it” in so many parts of her life? (32:45)

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • Logan’s upbringing and the inspiration she drew from her parent’s accomplishments (02:21)
  • The strength Logan has to connect with and learn from people (08:57)
  • How Logan grew her education rewards system for students, Kudzoo (13:45)
  • The way Logan widens the space between stimulus and response by trying to understand (21:49)
  • The mantras Logan uses in her day to day (36:04)
  • The things we can take with us into tomorrow (38:26)
  • Plus much more...

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