Are you going through a mental struggle? Lacking clarity in work or life? Have a difficult decision to make? Just want to talk to someone without fear of judgement?

I’d love to lend a listening ear. No matter what you’re dealing with, we’ll work through it, together.

Every week, I set aside three hours of my time to coach people through their current challenges. No matter how big or small the struggle is, I’m here to listen and help if I can. No topic is taboo. Totally free.

Why am I doing this? Because I’ve been there. I know that no matter how successful, busy, or networked you appear on the outside, sometimes all you need is a friend to listen and talk to, and I’d like to be that to you. I find joy and meaning in solving people’s problems and the more I help, the more I learn.

How does it work? I offer 20-minute phone call slots throughout the week. Fill in the form below to share some context on what you’d like to work through. Each week, I select a few people to chat with. You’ll receive an email with time slots and a phone number to dial into.

*Note calls are recorded. Nothing will be shared without express consent. You may choose to remain anonymous.

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