High Performance Leadership Coaching

I help company leaders and management teams develop high performance mindsets with tools and techniques from over a decade of experience with the best athletes and performers in the world.

Together, we develop your company to its highest potential by creating authentic leaders with athletes' instincts that foster a truly collaborative team culture and enhance bottom line growth.

Chelsea G., Product Strategist, Google

Chelsea G., Product Strategist, Google

"I now have expectations for myself and an amazing genuine network of people who are willing to hold me accountable to my new goals. The strength that I was able to find within myself is something that I feel all women or men would find value in. The ROI by participating in Lisa's workshop further challenged me to focus on my brand, my dreams, and my career's growth. My sincerest gratitude goes out to Lisa for allowing me and every other leader to leave the experience with a whole heart and refreshing feeling of purpose."

Michelle S., Community Success Director, Mobilize

Michelle S., Community Success Director, Mobilize

“I feel giddy after this course. By acknowledging my fears, and realizing everyone else is going through the same thing, I started to realize I have what it takes. I often think thoughts like:  ‘I’m not enough of a leader, I’m not making enough revenue, I’m not exercising enough, etc.’ and it’s tough to get out of my head. I’m getting to the next stage as a leader, and this course showed me I have the ability to take the small actions towards big goals.”

Vanessa S., Founder, Human Side of Tech; Columnist, Forbes

Vanessa S., Founder, Human Side of Tech; Columnist, Forbes

"No matter how many years I'm an entrepreneur or working on building my brand, I realized there's still more tweaks I can do. I came to terms with many of the fears that were holding me back, and learned steps to get past that. I appreciated Lisa's own reflection on her life and experiences confronting her fears.  I was feeling like I needed a push to get the next level, and t gave me just this gave me what I needed."


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Empathy & Innovation Training

Build a diverse culture driven by empathy & innovation to boost team morale, attract top candidates, and drive revenue.


I work with teams of all genders to increase awareness around unconscious biases and provide leaders with tools to create an innovative, inclusive culture. I empower your team through tactical talks, workshop trainings, or longer term engagements. 


Align Brand Strategy with Brand Growth

We help company leaders communicate authentic, powerful brand stories. Your story and voice is the most valuable tool you have at your disposal, together we hone your voice, tone, and media strategy to attract key stakeholders.

Brand Strategy

We give you a North Star and strategically position your brand so it stands out from the rest.

Brand Research

We get inside heads and hearts of your target audience and engage market dynamics to align your brand strategy.

Voice, Naming, Messaging

We define your unique brand name and voice driven by your foundational story to serve as the linchpin for your brand’s success.

Personal Brand Workshops

We identify your unique story and traits to help you and your position yourselves as thought leader in our private workshops.


Content Strategy

We engage the power of voice, story, and word to create a cohesive content strategy to fully connect your brand.

Media & Press Training

We leverage your strengths so you can executives clearly articulate your company’s message for interviews, press, and speaking engagements.


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