Ep 6: Learning How To Let Go with Beth Ferreira, First Mark Capital, Managing Director

Beth Ferreira
“You have to know what you want. But sometimes you also have to be willing to let it go.
— Beth Ferreira

Do you utilize your skills daily?

If not, today’s guest, Beth Ferreira may be able to help you understand the importance of holding on and maybe even letting go.

Before Beth was a managing partner at WME Ventures, she did a number of jobs in different departments. Beth used this to her advantage, for when she reached the top of the corporate ladder, she knew exactly who she was empathizing within other areas of the company.

Not only does Beth have an inner connection to the people throughout her company, she has the ability to put her once seemingly useless skills to use every day.

Beth often accentuates the point of living realistically, whether it be taking responsibility for her team or knowing the weight (or lack thereof) of the decisions she makes, making her a leader that continues to help others flourish with her daily.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The importance of businesses that change something (14:35)

  • How Beth learned from every role she was in (17:04)

  • How much information is too much information (19:06)

  • The unspoken responsibilities of being a leader (25:03)

  • Who to ask for advice (30:20)

  • The reality of navigating a company as a high-powered woman (35:40)

  • The ways Beth adapted to a new role (39:31)

  • How to look at the fate of decisions realistically (44:20)

  • Plus much more…

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • Did you always know this was the path you were going to take? (4:41)

  • Did you have any trepidation when you were entering at an early stage? (8:02)

  • Did you ever question yourself as a manager in a new role? (10:48)

  • Did you feel like you needed to go to business school? (15:10)

  • Were there moments where you felt like you should pull back? (24:45)

  • Was there a point in your journey where you felt your sense of self? (31:13)

  • Do you still have moments where you don’t feel good enough? (43:16)

  • Are there any remaining fears that you feel are driving you? (49:07)

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