Episode 3: Turning Rejection into Strength with Roomi CEO Ajay Yadav


"I pitched over 350 investors when I was trying to get my first investment... I kept going because there was no other choice..."

- Ajay Yadav


Can you imagine if we were all inspired by the problems just out of our reach?

Problems aren’t uncommon, especially in today’s community of young adults.

Student debt stacks up, housing expenses rise, and once seemingly simple milestones get pushed further and further into the average adult’s life.

But people aren’t letting that stop them from reaching their goals. In fact, it is the exact situation that pushed today’s guest toward his goal.

Ajay Yadav figured that if having roommates in your adult life is a reality, then there should be nothing stopping us from having good roommates. Thus, Ajay combined what he knew best, building websites, with what he once feared, people, to create Roomi.

Roomi is an app designed to help everyone feel a little more at home by connecting people with common interests, goals, and mindsets. Ajay has made sure the process is safe and secure, allowing people the potential to build more comfortable lives without worrying about adding more problems to the equation.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Ajay started creating websites (3:18)

  • Where Ajay found the support for Roomi (10:29)

  • The way Ajay leads his business team (15:35)

  • How to create a space in your business for personal growth (17:15)

  • The importance of trusting your employees (22:02)

  • Why you need to bring happiness to your company (28:18)

  • Plus much more…

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • What happened that brought you from India to the US? (04:32)

  • How have you gone about building relationships? (8:38)

  • What are the biggest challenges managing your team? (15:26)

  • Do you have a feeling that your company may never be enough? (21:31)

  • Outside of work, what does “enough” look like to you? (23:54)

  • Who are some of the most influential people in your life today? (25:15)

  • What is one thing you wish people would ask each other more often? (35:56)

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