Ep 9: Learning to Love Through Care and Kindness with Victoria Canal

“By being different, I can take an inside look at who someone really is immediately and how they act in a moment of uncertainty”
— Victoria Canal

How fiercely do you love? How passionately could you love?

Today’s guest, Victoria Canal, is invested in love whether it be for he parents, her boyfriend, her music, or the beauty in the big picture.

Victoria is a Spanish-American singer-songwriter. At just 19, she has toured the US and the UK performing music from her debut EP “Into the Pull.” Victoria’s music is powerful and flowing with poetry, all wrapped up in a soulful voice.

Victoria’s voice isn’t the only thing full of soul. Victoria is a firm believer in letting go of fear, creating emotional outlets, and caring for everything and everyone. It’s evident Victoria is wise beyond her years and practices love with a mixture of fire and delicacy.

Much can be learned from Victoria Canal, whether it be empathy, tenderness, or passion.



In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Victoria’s style of music that combines love and growth with soulful vibes (04:44)

  • Victoria’s journey to being a singer-songwriter (05:37)

  • How Victoria has handled adversity with understanding (10:32)

  • How differing from her peers has affected Victoria’s platonic relationships (18:01)

  • Victoria’s approach to love and how she has learned to leave baggage from past relationships behind (23:26)

  • Changes needed in the media industry pertaining to physical beauty (37:07)

  • Victoria's feelings on the issues the disabled community faces (50:33)

  • Plus much more...

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • How did you get into music? (04:23)

  • Do you think that there are other fears that still exist within you? (15:11)

  • What were some of the most recent intentions that you wrote in your journal? (20:10)

  • What do you think are the best things about you? (27:24)

  • When you let someone new into your life, do you have any particular boundaries or questions you ask yourself? (33:55)

  • Do you have a favorite lyric? (44:23)

  • If you weren’t able to produce music, what would you be doing? (49:27)

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