Ep 5: Creating Justice by Defying Laws with Kimberley Motley







“Don’t forget to look beyond our borders. Pay attention to what is happening globally and figure out what you can do to help.”
— Kimberley Motley

Would you be willing to put yourself in harm’s way to stand up for what is right?

Today’s guest, Kimberly Motley, doesn’t hesitate to go great lengths to help a fellow human.

Kimberly is the only foreign lawyer in Afghanistan. She is straight to the point about the issues in Afghanistan while full of hope for its people.

In fact, the people are why Kimberly stays in Afghanistan fighting. Her empathy runs deep. Kimberly thoroughly believes that every human deserves a right to protection. Kimberly is constantly meeting with people in Afghan prisons, hearing their stories, and finding the justice they deserve, inevitably helping reshape Afghanistan’s societal structure.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The flawed racial climate that continues to exist (4:49)

  • The truth Kimberly learned by conversing with people in Afghan prisons (13:46)

  • How Kimberly tackles the big issues (19:39)

  • The power Kimberly feels with the court (26:40)

  • Kimberly’s abundant hope for Afghanistan and its people (30:05)

  • Plus much more…

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • What’s the dynamic for you growing up half African American and half Korean? (3:59)

  • How did the race relations in Milwaukee affect you? (6:11)

  • What took you to Afghanistan? (9:17)

  • How were you feeling going into Afghanistan for the first time? (10:36)

  • How do you feel good enough for these cases when they’re such big issues to tackle? (22:16)

  • Are things getting better in Afghanistan? (28:43)

  • How do you know when you’ve done enough? (35:05)

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