Episode 17: How to Hack Your Life with Alex Wolf, Founder of Boss Babe

“If you have to show up on social media every hour to be significant then you aren’t significant.”
— Alex Wolf

I often speak about the importance of self-reflection, but is there a point where we become overexposed to ourselves?

Today’s guest, Alex Wolf, founder of Boss Babe, unloads a cathartic insight on social media and the exposure that comes along with it.

The pros to social media can be great. We have the ability to share our lives with many others and create more personal relationships in a short amount of time.

However, at what point do we spend too much time focusing on our own image and not enough time focusing on our lives?

Alex exposes the cons of societies’ overexposure to ourselves through social media and the pressure it can bring. Like her new novel, Resonate, Alex explores how social media can be used by young entrepreneurs to build their brand while sharing insight on the mindset needed to maintain such a brand.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What drew you to film in the first place? How do you feel about the progression of video today? (05:40)

  • What are the dominant narratives you see right now and how is that shifting? (09:46)

  • What sort of emotions were you feeling in terms of figuring out if you could do justice to the story of Lloyd Price? (23:26)

  • What do you think drives you to keep creating? (26:51)

  • During your artistic career, have you had moments where you’ve felt like you weren’t good enough or your work wasn’t good enough? (33:52)

  • Do you think you are who you are because of your circumstances or in spite of your circumstances? (55:48)

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • How Alex approaches social capital and its growing value  (6:50)

  • The four different elements of resonating in a message (10:50)

  • How Boss Babe reaches out and engages with their followers (16:43)

  • The difference between art and entertainment (21:01)

  • What we can do to stay deeply inspired by their own lives (38:41)

  • The struggles our constant use of technology brings into our lives (42:40)

  • Plus much more...      

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