Episode 1: Why Success Doesn't Guarantee Enoughness

Lisa Wang Enoughness

"You are not alone on this journey. Anything that you set your mind to achieve is possible.."

- Lisa Wang

“When you walk into a room, where you might feel that you are not good enough, the first thing you need to do is to remove focus from yourself.”
— Lisa Wang

Am I enough?

It’s a question comprised of three simple words, but the answer to that simple question is what defines our limits.

I'm no stranger to the question or the weight it carries. After consistently pushing myself to be number one at everything, a split second of self-doubt created a new barrier between me and my goals.

This is when I decided to dissect the nature of failure at the intersection of enoughness and achievement.

What I found there were the solutions that would ultimately push me to accept, reason, and try again.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The art of perfection (2:16)

  • How doubt determined Lisa’s fate (3:44)

  • Commitment to achieving (6:50)

  • The ways Lisa avoided letting her past define her future (8:29)

  • The lack of privacy in suffering (9:53)

  • A solution to not feeling good enough (11:47)

  • External measures of success (13:35)

  • The power of understanding yourself (14:40)

  • Plus much more…