Ep 7: How To Stop Caring What People Think with MakeLoveNotPorn founder, Cindy Gallop

“I don’t wait for things to change, I make them change.”
— Cindy Gallop

We all know about fear, whether it be of failing, speaking up, or feeling a certain way.

However, today’s guest gives fear the finger as she dives into an in-depth conversation about gender diversity, self-acceptance, and why women should never cease to push the boundaries created for them by a male-dominated society.

Cindy Gallop, brand and business innovator, discusses the things women can do in order to change the world working against them such as taking small actions to change the way they think, saying what they mean, and supporting other women. Cindy works every day to help women diminish fear, jumpstart self-acceptance, and ultimately push back at the environments that push to keep them under.

Cindy is the founder of makelovenotporn, a mission based on “Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference,” and works as a consultant for people who want to change the game in their sector. Cindy is known for her stance on diversity, equality, and confronting societal issues every day.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The way Cindy thinks about fear and its effect on us (2:38)

  • Cindy’s journey through a creativity-driven life to help women share their voices (5:50)

  • The reasons micro-actions are important for impact (13:19)

  • The importance of expressing what you think (16:45)

  • Why change isn’t being made in the world of gender diversity (26:10)

  • Why you should call out the barriers in your professional environment (38:55)

  • Realizing you are the only one who can change things (47:49)

  • Plus much more...

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • What is a specific micro-action you think people should take today? (16:05)

  • At what point did it occur to you, “I can say whatever I think?” (18:45)

  • Why did you speak out after Kevin Roberts claimed the gender debate was over? (19:50)

  • What do you think is the solution when we talk about wanting to make people buy? What is that strategy right now? (30:32)

  • What specifically would you tell those women who believe they have the potential to change the world? (34:45)

  • Who are some of the people that inspire and motivate you? (43:06)

  • What advice would you give men? (44:42)

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