Ep 2: How To Live Your Own Dreams with Virgin Sport CEO Mary Wittenberg

Mary Wittenberg

"Make the most out of every day. Look forward to tomorrow. Leave the wake of the day before far behind the boat."

Mary Wittenberg, CEO, Virgin Sport



What if your prosperity was quantified by the number of people you inspired? Or how you overcame in the face of tragedy? Or perhaps in the way you empathize with people daily?

If success was measured by your goodness, would you be flourishing?

We often think of success as a monetary value or a name on the side of a building, but what if our guest today were to tell you that her success stems from fulfillment? And not necessarily her own.

Our guest today is not only inspiring others to find fulfillment in their lives but is using their success to fuel her own fulfillment. 

Mary Wittenberg is the CEO of Virgin Sport, a movement that is revolutionizing fitness while inspiring people to move together. Mary helps orchestrate large festivals meant to bring people together in hopes that through the power of movement and exercise, she can connect cultures and inspire people to live healthier lifestyles, not only physically but emotionally. 

Mary regularly accentuates the importance of kindness and empathy in creating a better tomorrow. Everything that is shared at a Virgin Sport festival, whether it be laughter or a healthy hunger for competition, is meant to be echoed throughout communities everywhere, especially after the event ends. 

Through kind hearts, and a few push-ups, Mary has created an environment that will ineluctably push us into a better tomorrow.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The importance of learning from experiences (14:35)
  • How Mary got caught up in what she knew (24:53)
  • The power of pausing (33:11)
  • Mary’s way of assuring sure she gets what she requires out of her life (38:25)
  • How to trust the process of decision making (41:00)
  • The “give it a go” spirit infused in Virgin Sport (50:34)
  • How to be a well-rounded leader (58:50)
  • Plus much more...

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • Why do you run? (2:43)
  • Who were you before all of your accomplishments? (3:29)
  • Was there ever a time where you felt like you weren’t good enough? (10:37)
  • What drives you? (20:15)
  • Did you ever have the sensation that your time was running out to achieve certain things? (27:47)
  • What is your dream for Virgin Sport? (51:50)
  • What is your mantra today? How has it changed over time? (54:24)
  • What is the legacy you want to leave the world? (01:02:54)

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